About Us

We are a recruiting firm based in Nashville, Tennessee committed to connecting our partner companies with our exceptional professionals.  We provide customized recruiting solutions to companies throughout the United States.  Contact us at (919) 518-9796 or TeamEC@ExecutiveCasting.com to discuss how we can help find you the missing link in your team.

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Executive Casting is a Fitness & Wellness Recruiting Firm committed to conencting our exceptional candidates with our premiere clients (gym & health club owners, hospitals, wellness companies, etc).

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Executive Casting different?  We're passionate about connecting hard working, talented and motivated individuals with the opportunities to work with our innovative partners.  

How much does Executive Casting cost?  Working with Executive Casting as a candidate is free of charge.  As a client, we're not going to charge you an arm and a leg, we have a unique bidding process and will work within your budget.  Make us an offer and we'll go from there!

As a client, what can I expect from Executive Casting?   We believe that every company is unique, therefore we customize all of our solutions to you based on your goals and current recruitment process.  With that being said, all of our clients receive constant communication with your Executive Casting Team, weekly summaries based on the key performance indicators we've established together and detailed candidate profiles.

As a candidate, what can I expect from Executive Casting?  We know how important finding your dream career is which is why we take it seriously.  Upon submission of your resume, we will immediately check our open positions to see if we have a fit.  We won't stop there, we keep your resume on file for future positions that may be the best fit for you.     

What do WE want?  We want what you want!  We want your next hire/career to be just as awesome as you want it to be.  We also want the process of getting there to be as smooth as possible.